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At C. Dod Landscaping, Inc of Vienna, VA, we have been turning pools into the star feature of homes for years. While you may be able to swim in a pool without a deck, it never looks as lovely without one. Pool decks are one of our specialties; let us show you photographs of our completed projects today!

We believe that pool decks are a necessity and when we tell you why, we think that you will agree.

• Safety—A pool deck establishes a clear boundary between your lawn and the water. There is no question as to where the pool begins, especially if it is an in-ground pool.

• Traction—Pool decks, whether made of wood, concrete, or stone, can add traction to the area surrounding your pool. This is an important feature, particularly if you have children or pets.

• Beauty—Anyone can have a pool put in their backyard and stop there. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a pool that adds to the beauty and value of your home? That is what a pool deck provides. When you add a pool deck, you instantly increase the value of your home.

• Cohesiveness—We can add a pool deck to your backyard that blends in with your other landscape elements. Adding a pool deck lends cohesiveness to your landscape design.

Do not have a pool installed and call the project done. You may find yourself dissatisfied with the result. Instead, let C. Dod Landscaping, Inc of Vienna, VA add a deck to your pool to pull the whole project together. Call us now!

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